PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals Consultant

About Christian Schreiber

I have been working as an SEO consultant with a technical focus since 2009. Thanks to my degree in business informatics and in-depth knowledge of web development, I am able to help marketers and programmers from a wide range of organizations – from start-ups and SMEs to large companies and agencies – to improve website load time for optimal performance and user experience.

As a web performance expert, I help my clients achieve a faster website that generates free organic traffic and an improved conversion rate. I help to improve the user experience and fulfill the requirements of the Core Web Vitals.

I work closely with development teams to identify and solve web performance issues and outperform competitors. If developers have difficulties optimizing core web vitals or staying informed about current developments in load time optimization, I offer my expertise. My preferred approach is a comprehensive collaboration from strategy to implementation to ensure that the website is optimized and provides the best possible user experience.

Profile of Christian Schreiber